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Pedal to the Metal

I wanted to go for a style not unlike Tweaker's Crimson Highway, writing this with tall buildings and high speed chases in mind. I even borrowed some instruments from the Sonic 2 hack it's from!

If Pedal to the Metal was in a game, I like to think it would be the theme of a stage called Skyline Sprint.

These were all composed using VOPMex, SN-EMU, and some samples in the tracker OpenMPT. VOPMex emulates the YM2151 soundchip and sounds similar to the YM2612 chip used in the Sega Genesis. The YM2151 was usually used for Sega's arcade cabinets. For panning and volume tweaking, I used Audacity, since I wasn't able to do either well in OpenMPT. I considered moving to a professional DAW because of this, but didn't end up doing it.

Aurora Atoll Zone Act 1

The music for the SRB2 stage on my home page! This is the fourth piece of music I wrote for it, after finding myself unsatisfied with the first three versions. The third is actually pretty decent, and can be found in the Tracker section below.

I wanted this piece to feel tropical and free, so I combined simple major chords in the background with a steel drum sound. I'm pretty happy with the result.

Quartzite Crag Zone Act 1

The bass line was the first thing I thought of when composing this. It came to me suddenly as I began to walk up some stairs to my bedroom. Borrowing instrumentation from Sonic & Knuckles' Lava Reef Zone, I composed my own lava level theme, and named it accordingly.

Quartzite Crag Zone Act 2

More thought was put into this remix than the Valhalla Heights remixes. I wanted to breathe new life into the song while staying true to the identity of the original. I feel I accomplished that.

Turquoise Temple Zone Act 1

A case of a neat piece of music that came from a very small idea I had. I went for an eerie, driving feeling to it that would make it a good piece to use for a dark stage filled with brick walls, shrines, and torches.

Megalovania Remix

I think Undertale is a cool game with great music, so I spent a lot of time listening to it. I spent the most time listening to the original Megalovania in efforts to properly translate it to the YM2151 chip, though I'm pretty sure you would need more than one chip to acheive what I've made here.

Old Chiptunes

Before discovering VOPMex and SN-EMU, I searched far and wide for soundfonts and samples. I used them to create these tracks.

Tracker Tunes

Sunset Shores Zone

The working title of Aurora Atoll, like this piece of music, is not quite as cool as the final. This fills the role of upbeat tropical music just fine, though.

Valhalla Heights Zone Act 1

Best played through headphones. A theme that would fit in a stage set high above the clouds. I almost scrapped this before it got off the ground, but finding those orchestral string samples saved it.

Valhalla Heights Zone Act 2

Best played through headphones. A more chill version of Act 1.

Pearl Jam - Alive

My favorite song for a long time. This cover was done on a Blue Yeti microphone and a lot less audio engineering knowledge than what I have now. Too bad I sound nothing like Eddie Vedder.

I've been involved with choir and musical theatre for most of my life. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've dreamt of performing in a rock band since a very young age. It's only logical to put my voice out on the internet at this point.

I sing!

More music will be added as I create it -- check back every week or two!

Pedal to the Metal (Old)

Same as above. Sounds a lot different on a YM2151.


These were all composed using Aly James' wonderful FMDrive plugin, SN-EMU, and some samples in the tracker OpenMPT. FMDrive emulates a YM2612, the Sega Genesis sound chip, and SN-EMU emulates its PSG chip, the SN76489, fairly well. DAC and noise samples were recorded from an emulator.

Valhalla Heights Zone Act 3

Best played through headphones. A crazier, more intense version of Act 1. I threw everything I had at this.

Pacific Paradise Zone Act 1

What started as just a cool bassline evolved into one of the coolest songs I've composed so far. Imagine hearing this in a stage taking place on the ocean floor, seeing the sun so far away in the distant sky, navigating coral reefs, and being transported by transparent tubes.

Trainer Battle!

Inspired by all the Pokémon Go happening around me just before I got a phone that could play the game. I listened to at least an hour of Pokémon music beforehand to try to narrow down the style. This piece came out really well.


Also new music players! :3

Pacific Paradise Zone Act 2

This is what happens when you turn the funk dial up to eleven. This track just flows.